domingo, 24 de enero de 2010

10 SEO tips to optimize friendly title with Google

10 tips for promoting web helps you create the article title attracting readers and search engine.

The article title is one of the little information that search engine provides the people searching the result pages before the content is displayed. Therefore, the Google search engine and others appreciate title page. So optimizing article titles is very important, here are 10 SEO tips to optimize article titles.

1. Google displays from 60 to 70 first characters of the title in the search results page. So you put the most important keywords in the first part of article title and the more important search keyword in the back. If your article titles are longer than 70 characters, Google will cut; Google get only the sixty-ninth character and replaces “…” for the rest of the title.

2. Sometimes, instead of the starting of the article title with a series of keywords, you should add the character which has described properties, provide information on content and put them before keyword. This will help the article overcome the filter in Google’s search in the results (and of course it will rank more stable), while it gives you high rank for foreign keywords (contained in the first title).

3. Page title is one of the little information that Google provides to users in the search results page before users choose to display content. Therefore, the article title is an important factor to attract the attention of the users and excite they click to view content which is also in many results pages of other competitors. This is a key factor and a opportunity to create differences between yourself and the other competitors about quality.

4. Good title will make you want to answer and ask questions, stimulate the readers.

5. Because article titles is one of the unique factors which search engine show the user before viewing the content page, so they will be assigned in big numbers for words appearing on the title. Furthermore, many people linking to the page will use the article title as anchor text.

6. Inserting same keywords repetitively, reasonably and easily reading allow you to improve the reliability of series of keywords. However, these keywords should be arranged meaningfully and easy to read for the user not for the search engine. Instead of inserting the keyword list in the title, you should present title clearly and describe the content, products or services of your website.

7. Misestimating potential customers by providing incompatible services will reduce the rate of conversion and waste time for the people who are not potential customers. For example: if your products are the high level item, your website does not need to optimize, promote keywords with lower price because it will waste time.

8. Each page on your website should have different titles. If your website is restricted in size and view, the best should not use the title page by the same formula on the whole Website. You also should not use the same keywords at the beginning or near the beginning title page.

9. Format, order and selection from the words of the title should be different (much less) with a describing card description or the top title.

10. If you have strong brand name, you should put it in the end title. If you have one of the top trusted brand name on the Internet first (such as eBay, Amazone, …), you should put it on the top of the title. Normally, the title page must be focus on page’s content and purpose of user rather than brand Website.

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