viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2008

Wife comments about BlackBerry Bold 9000 Smartphone

This phone is awesome. Like a lot of people I had been stalking and reading up on this phone for quiet sometime. When it was finally released I had to have it. This is my first blackberry and I am officially a fan. Initially, the iphone was what I wanted, but when I tried to use the touchscreen with my acrylic nails (which by the way you can't) I decided to wait until something better came along. Enter the Blackberry bold. It's fabulous. Other online reviews have stated that this is the first Blackberry with more features geared toward everyday consumers rather than business users (which is exactly what I am).

I wanted something that allowed me to keep in touch, get organized and be entertained on the go. The only thing the iphone wins hands down on is browsing online. If a site doesn't have a mobile application expect to give up in frustration. The side to side scrolling is annoying to say the least, I wish the text would wrap somehow. Even in column view it isn't an enjoyable process. The good thing for mac users, the online support forums are awesome. There are a lot of Blackberry fans doing amazing things and there are applications galore. I spent about a day adding things like Cram, and upgraded documents on the go - which allows pdf files to be read (something that should be included, but I won't complain much). I have been having trouble with pocket mac (minus a star for having to pay for pocket mac support - there was a lot of online discussion about problems and the need for an update and I had the hardest time trying to find the update - actually I never found it, I finally gave up walked away for a few hours, came back and everything was fine). The screen is nice, I am totally able to become engrossed in a movie. Mac fans and techies expect to spend a few hundred more dollars doing cool upgrades to your phone. It supports a 16 GB micro SD card, that will set you back about 100 (or wait until Christmas, bound to be a sale somewhere). Highly recommend Roxio 9 to get the media to your blackberry. You can move Tivo shows to your blackberry, remote access, streaming.

You can't do a bluetooth transfer for data and that is a minus, even the Razr could do that. People kept saying the Blackberry is really intuitive, and it is, but if you are coming from a different phone, expect a learning curve similar to going from PC to Mac. Sit down, do the tutorial, read the book, google for tips and pointers. Things are in places, I never would have looked. (Of course that could be a bigger reflection of me than the phone). All in all, this is the only phone I was willing to go back under AT&T contract for. I am very glad I waited. Another minus for battery life, I need to charge my phone everyday, so spend some money and pick-up a spare battery.

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