domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

That efficient companion to electronic music

Musicians are constantly instant to consider and explore new technologies. The fast-paced alterations wrought by electrification, coming from the mic via the analogue synthesiser to the netbook, have generated a wide variety of unique music styles and methods. Electronic music has exploded to a extended area of exploration, consuming historical movements such as musique concrète and elektronische musik, and current styles such as electronic dance music and electronica. A remarkable selection of composers as well as inventors have led towards different group of technologies, procedures and music. This kind of publication can provide some fresh threads via this particular field, within the thoughts and opinions of researchers at the forefront of the sonic explorations strengthened by digital technology. The chapters deliver available and insightful overviews involving main content aspects and expose several formerly not as much publicised factors of worldwide movements. Current instances of strenuous action such as audiovisuals, live electric music, interactivity and multilevel music are positively offered.

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