jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2008

World of Warcraft, players reviews

Well before i start i would like to say this is my first review so give me tips for my next one(: Ok this is a great game and it does grow on you. when you start off its not that great but you have to keep playing. im glad i did. i have been playing for about 5 months. the story line is very good and keeps you locked in. there are multiple professions to chose from so pick the one your most interested in. when you get a friend involved in this game when you start it makes it more fun. there are 2 expansions out to keep the story going, and when you reach lvl 70 (80 now) there are more things to do. the game starts out easy but progressively gets harder. the feature voice chat allows you to talk to your friends through wow with a mic set. i havent played to many online games but i can tell you im very impressed with this one. i recommend it completely. just dont get addicted. (:

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